Monday, October 09, 2006


The computer es one of the most important inventions that the humans have discovered. Nowdays, computers are being used in many schools by students; but they have many advantages and disadvantages.

First, one of the computers advantges is that students can find a lot of information for the homework they have to do. Also, they can do different activities related with their subjects. Computers make the teacher's job easier because they don´t have to correct from the folders.

On the other hand, computers have disadvantages because students can use the computers to chating with friens. Also, they can pley different games in Internet and becuase of this, they doný pay attention in the activities that are really important.

In conclusion, I think that using computers in the classroom is very important because they make some activities easier but they distract students. To prevent this, teachers have to pay a lot of attention to students behaviour.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your letter. I'm so sorry because I couldn't answer your letter quickly, but I have been very busy, I'm very happy to hear that you're fine and your family too.

I have been studying a lot because I have many exams at the shool. I have to do them in the next week,

Last months, I went to a camp with my school. It was placed near the mountains and we had to sleep in tents . There was a lot of litter in the campsite so we decided to clean the place to make it cleaner amd more beautiful at the view. Fortunately, we were able to collect all the rubbish and trow it away. I think it was a good experience so I'll do it again.

What have you been doing so far?. Thank you foor your letter again. Write soon!!

Best Wishes.

The World Cup (advantages and disadvantages)

The world Cup was a huge event but it has points in favour and against. I think Geramany made one of the most spectacular events that people had ever seen to. But, for example, the referees were so bad because they took a lot of wrong decisions during the matches.

First, I am in favour of the organization because they made an excellent event and there was a lot of security in the stadiums, streets and player's hotels. Also, German stadiums were fine and comfortable for the people.

However, I am against of the referees because they were localists, but if I have to choose the best referee: Horacio Elizondo is the winner because he had a good performance and made a good job. Also, the world cup is business and there is a lot of corruptions and bribes , never know if teams made an arregement with the FIFA. Finally, there weren't good teams. All of them had a low performance and didn't play well.

In conclusion, the most important thing is that the worls cup joins people of different parts of the world and all the cultures and countries have a common wish. to be the winner
Strange but True

Sofia and a friend were playing in the bedroom while their parents were in the garden. It was a summmer hot day and all the house was dark.

At first, everything was ok. The two girls played with their toys, entered and left the house. In the evening something strange happenned.The two girls were in the garden with their parents. Then, the girls entered to the good which was dark and went to the bedroom.

Suddenly, a little girl with old face and red eyes appeared in the room.The scared girls ran to the garden and told their parents what the had seen. Sofia's father entered the house and he felt a freezing cold in all his body but he didn't see that little girl.

Finally, the girls's parents what had happened to many people but nobady could say what really happened that day.

Monday, May 29, 2006

This is me

Hi, my name is Sabrina. I live in Lanús with my mother and my grandmother. I’m in the last year of Matulaitis’s Polimodal.
In my free time, I like listening music, watching TV, going out. I used to practise skating but now I don´t. Also, I hate cooking.
When I finish the secondary school I want to go to university because I want to be a translator or an English teacher; I don’t know very well yet.